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You wanna know why I don’t miss you anymore? Why I don’t miss us? Because you enjoyed hurting me. You would tell me about what people said about me, and that they didn’t like me and why. You didn’t defend me or try to protect me from it. Half the time I had no idea people said mean things about me, but then you would go and tell me about it, making me more shy and cautious and anti-social, always making me push people away. And after you told me that shit, you didn’t try to comfort me or say it wasn’t true. You made me feel more self conscious and unattractive and stupid than I ever had, because you were supposed to be the one to protect me and always make sure I was happy and feeling beautiful. But I was in love, so I just let it happen, and you took advantage of it. Of me. You knew how I felt for you, and how I couldn’t get mad at you, or ever call you out when you were acting like a bitch. Cause I would feel bad for hurting your feelings. So I just put up with it. Oh, and the way you would tell me what to do. The way you seem to think you’re the boss of everyone. You’re not. Seriously. Even after you broke my heart you tried to tell me what to do. And you played games with my mind and heart. You would hug me ling and hold me close. You would cuddle with me and make me believe we would be together again, together tomorrow. But tomorrow never came. And one day you got mad at me and decided to through everything in my face. Told me that you wish you had never met me. Told me that I was pathetic for still loving you after a month of being broken up(She was my longest relationship, my first time, and we were together for a year). You called me a stupid bitch. I cried, and you didn’t care. But you know what? I’m so happy you did that. Yelled at me. Said those things. Because, in that exact moment, you broke my heart and fixed it. I was no longer in love with you. And now, because of you, I am stronger, and I don’t put up with bullshit, and I don’t fall for cheating Bitches anymore. So thank you, my psycho ex-girlfriend, for being such a bitch to me. Cause I could never have moved on without you.

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I could press my words between 
the delicate pages of your skin, 
and I could seal your lips with
each unspoken word from my kiss.
I will do exactly that.

I could scribble my unceasing
yearnings into the creases of your
neck, and paint my undying desire
on the inside of your thighs. 

I could pencil your name on
every inch of the walls of my heart,
and embroider the feel of your skin
on the tips of my fingers. You live
within me, pulsing my blood to
its highest temperature.

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One for winter and one for summer, how practical of you Harry.

Except the top one is his weird hallucination world.

Maybe he subconsciously wishes he had two shirts.

And contacts.

I’m rebloging this until I die

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”there there angry face””no. I am angry and your fluffy yellow sunshine will not calm my WRATH”

”there there angry face”
”no. I am angry and your fluffy yellow sunshine will not calm my WRATH”

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I can’t be the only one that was completely blown away by this masterpiece…

I love this movie. Everything about it. Just, the way its so beautifully put together. The messages. Goddess, I just love it.

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